Live Events & Appearances

  • In 2011, Jonny developed a TV show with a world renowned production company. The show demonstrates his extremely unique approach in selling jewelry. 
  • Appeared as a guest on the Dr. Phil Show.
  • Numerous Live Speaking Engagements

The Jewelry  Therapist surrounded by his cast will knock your socks off with his powerful, honest, and educated advice. 

At the most recent public appearance:

A question asked by a member of the audience?

Joan has a 22-year-old daughter Debbie who has been dating her boyfriend Michael 23, for the past five years. For the past year Michael and Debbie have been living with Joan, paying no rent and enjoying the comforts and luxuries of Joan’s generosity. Michael is in no hurry to pop the question to Debbie and furthermore is being encouraged by his family to take his time and not rush into marriage at 23.  Joan is frustrated and is fearful of offending and alienating her daughter by approaching the young lovebirds.

My response to Joan:

Always be honest and speak directly from your heart. Say what you feel in a very empowering way. Do not fear your daughter’s initial response, as you must trust that she will ultimately see the light and respect your honest point of view.

My recommendation to Joan’s response to Michael and Debbie:

Living together without a commitment of marriage is wrong. Living under my roof without a commitment of marriage is even more wrong. Should you commit to getting married, if and when there is a commitment to marry, I will reevaluate my commitment to assist you as a young couple seeking guidance in a very difficult economic time.

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