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Why Buying An Engagement Ring Before ‘Engaging’ in Critical Discussions Can Lead to Irreversible Disasters…

Craig, a devout practicing Catholic, is told by Kathy, his Buddhist practicing girlfriend of five years, that she would like a three carat diamond engagement ring. Prior to discussing or showing Craig any rings, the Jewelry Therapist asks him if he had ever discussed with Kathy which religion they would follow in raising a family. Craig’s answer was no, and said that he did not think that such a conversation was of critical importance.

The Jewelry Therapist tells Craig that when their first child is born and Kathy wants to rub the Buddha’s tummy and he insists on baptizing the child in the Catholic Church, he will choke on the three-carat diamond ring while a divorce lawyer awaits a big pay day.

After gaining Craig’s trust in this conversation and diverting him away from spending many thousands of dollars, the Jewelry Therapist manages to convince Craig to seek professional counseling on this very significant issue prior to buying an engagement ring. At this point the Jewelry Therapist sacrifices a sale and potentially saves an innocent child from a life of turmoil.

Three months later, after Craig took the Jewelry Therapist’s advice and sought professional guidance, engaging in several difficult and intense discussions with Kathy, he returned to buy an engagement ring.

Beware of Outside Interference…

Emily comes in to pick up her wedding band. The Jewelry Therapist notices the black circles under her eyes and asks a few questions. Emily confides she has been having sleepless nights and is under tremendous pressure preparing for the upcoming wedding, but worst of all, her soon to be mother-in-law is controlling her life. Her fiancé’s mother has been divorced five times. She has moved in with the engaged couple three months before the wedding date and insists on running the show.

Emily said she had talked to her fiancé, who was unfortunately under the spell of his own mother and couldn’t see that his mother was making all the right moves to destroy the young couple’s relationship. Her fiancé’s suggestion was that he and his mother stay in the apartment and that Emily move out until after the wedding.

The Jewelry Therapist, refused to sell Emily the wedding band, sighting that after the wedding her future mother-in-law would swoop in like a witch on a broomstick and destroy a 6th marriage — only this time it would not be her own. His recommendation was that Emily drag her fiancé to a marriage counselor and read him the ‘riot act’ before pursuing any further wedding plans. The great news came three days later when Emily called the Jewelry Therapist to tell him that the wedding is off, adding that there were no words she could think of to thank him enough.

Beverly Hills Princess

Debra is a princess in search of the crown jewels. Mark is a hard working pharmaceutical salesman who adores Debra, but struggles with her needs. Debra’s friends are extremely well to do and it is very important to her that she receives at least a four carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring. On Mark’s salary of $75K a year, he could not afford anything close to such a ring. Debra claims to be in love with Mark, however Debra wants what Debra wants. Mark so desperately wants to please Debra and Debra so desperately wants to be noticed by her friends. The time has come for Mark to make a purchase. Mark is many thousands of dollars in debt with school loans. He has been prepped by Debra’s close circle of friends that nothing less than a four carat diamond would be appropriate. Mark tells the Jewelry Therapist that he desperately wants to buy Debra a four carat diamond engagement ring and that the only option is to max out on his credit cards.

The Jewelry Therapist’s stern but diplomatic approach was to guide Mark to buy within his means. He tells Mark that if Debra is his true soul mate, she would say yes to a piece of string tied around her finger. He warns Mark that plunging one’s self into huge debt is a formula for inevitable disaster. With tremendous fear of disappointing Debra and her surrounding entourage, Mark took the Jewelry Therapist’s invaluable advice and made the correct decision. Mark spent $3,000 on the engagement ring, not the intended $60,000 belonging to Wells Fargo. The proposal went off with romantic success. Mark and Debra have been happily married for three years, during which time two of Debra’s closest friends and their huge ‘rocks’ fell victim to divorce in less than two years of marriage.


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